Reservation & Exchange Policy

  • Choose toys by your cut-off time. Cut-Off is 24 hours before your delivery day. E.g.: If your delivery day is Monday, reservations till Saturday night will be considered. Reservations after cut-off will not be delivered.
  • If reservation request is not made, we will not come for exchange and will consider it as extension/renewal of products.
  • It is not mandatory to exchange products every week, unless the product is new or ‘On Demand’.
  • Choose products appropriately, for all-round development of your child. Children like to play with all kinds of toys, be willing to experiment and get them engaged. They may not play with some toys, don’t make that a rule. It would just be an exception.
  • Exchange ‘On Demand’ products in two weeks. We have categorized it to help identify that those products need to be in circulation as much as possible.
  • Keep the toys and all the items you are exchanging packed with all its pieces for exchange
  • The maximum number of times that a member can borrow products from AppuWorld in any 30 day period is 4 times. In case, a member borrows less than 4 times in 30 day period, the balance will not be carried forward to any subsequent 30 day period.
  • The maximum period that a toy can remain with a member is 28 days. After that the member has to compulsorily return the products in satisfactory condition, failing which AppuWorld will forfeit the refundable security deposit and all other charges paid by the member. In case the member wants extension pass 28 days, a written application is mandatory. However, extension is at sole discretion of AppuWorld. In case of non-extension the member has to return the products
  • Members are not allowed to exchange toys with friend even if they are members of AppuWorld. All toys must remain at borrowers home.

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