Tales of Young Gandhi


Encouraged by his co-workers, Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi decided to write his autobiography in the 1920s. The Story of My Experiments with Truth went on to inspire generations of people worldwide.As on millions of others, the memoir of an ordinary man who achieved extraordinary feats had a strong impact on Janhavi Prasada when she first read it. And with that was born her desire to share his path of peace, and the inspiration she had found in his work, with as many people as she could.As she realized, he was much ahead of his times not only as a thinker but also as a doer. The values that he taught — truth, non-violence, simple living, cleanliness — are even more relevant today than then. Exquisitely illustrated, with visual content that Janhavi collected over eight years of travel to Porbandar, London and South Africa, Tales of Young Gandhi retells the story of a fascinating life and hopes to introduce a new generation of readers to the Mahatma.

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Janhavi Prasada

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12 Years+, 5-8 Years, 8-12 Years