Skillofun Rope Ladder (7 String)


Ideal to Encourage Physical Activity

Kids are active all day and they like playing games that involve physical activities like running, jumping and other outdoor games. The Skillofun rope ladder is a nice piece of equipment that can be used for a fun session as it can be used indoors or outdoors for a tree house game that kids just love. It helps kids by developing strength in their hands and also helps improve their grip.

Develops Balance and Improves Hand-Eye Coordination
The 7 strings rope ladder is a nice addition to your kid’s playhouse or tree house as it can be fastened securely over a nail, on the wall in your home or to a tree house in your garden area. This wood and jute rope ladder engages your kid in uninterrupted play of hanging or climbing. These activities also improve the child’s hand to eye coordination to a good extent. They learn to balance their body weight on a free flowing ladder that is crucial for development of their young body muscles.

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Improves co-ordination and strength

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Age :

2-3 Years, 3-5 Years