Scrabble Original


In 1931 an architect name Alfred Butts designed and manufactured the first game of Scrabble. He played and enjoyed the game with his friends and pals and thus one of the most intelligent games was born. Now Mattel Scrabble Original has become world famous and has thrilled anyone who has ever played it. This Scrabble board game is extremely useful for developing vocabulary and to build strong spelling ability. It is a wonderful mental exercise to keep your brain active and working. It is thus preferred by people around the world because it educates in an entertaining and interactive way. Key Features:
Strong and sturdy build
Robust tiles and lasting printing
Educational as well as entertaining
Suitable for kids up to 10 years of age and above
Can be played by 2-4 players
Good for vocabulary development and spelling formation
Mattel Original

Brand :


Skillset :

Problem Solving, Social Skills,

Recommended Age :


Age :

8-12 Years