In the Wonderland of Numbers: Maths and Your Child


Come to an exciting journey into the Wonderland of Numbers. ‘As for numbers, they hate nobody and nobody can afford to hate them,’ says Neha’s father, who is a supportive parent trying to re-instill confidence in his child. Apart from revealing the specialties of each individual number, from zero to nine and little mathematical tricks, Shakuntala Devi has underscored another very important aspect. It is upto parents and teachers to ensure that children are initiated into a lifelong love affair with numbers. An engaging child, Neha, suddenly starts lagging in Maths when a new Maths teacher arrives and she starts converting her fear of the teacher into a terror of Maths. Matters touch the nadir when she scores a zero in a test. On the way home that day, she meets with an accident. While her parents and teachers suffer an anxious vigil till she regains consciousness, she travels to the Kingdom of Zero through her sub-conscious mind. In the Wonderland of Numbers is the story of Neha’s adventures in the Kingdom of Zero.

Category: Just For Parents

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Author/ Publisher :

Shakuntala Devi

Age :

8-12 Years

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