“Let us enjoy all the beautiful things that we can see and not think about those that we cannot.”
Orphaned at a very young age, the lively and intelligent Heidi is brought to her grandfather’s house in the Swiss Alps by her aunt. As the five-year-old girl quickly wins the heart of her grumpy grandfather and befriends the people around, they all become fond of her.
But when she turns eight, Heidi is taken by her aunt to serve as a companion to Clara Sesemann, a wealthy, disabled girl. Heidi enlivens and charms her, but soon herself becomes homesick .
What happens when Clara’s grandmother comes to visit her and befriends Heidi?
What does fate have in store for Heidi and Clara?
One of the finest works of Swiss literature, Johanna Spyri’s Heidi is listed among the bestselling books ever written.

Author/ Publisher :

Johanna Spyri

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Recommended Age :


Age :

12 Years+