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The Simba electrical pinball game is perfect for the kids who love action. It is one of those classic games that will add oodles of fun to playtime, keeping your young one from boredom. Ideal for kids in the age group three years and up, this game is easy to understand and play. It will also help your child develop hand-eye coordination. Even you can enjoy playing this addictive electrical Pinball game in your leisure time. It also features an electronic scoreboard that keeps the track of scores.

This solo game will make for hours of fun. The player must try and shoot the ball upwards with full force and then prevent it from falling into the slot below, using the two knobs on either side of the board. The longer the ball stays on the board and wanders through the many grooves, the higher the score. Kids can also compete with each other by taking turns and making a note of the scores.

Brand :


Skillset :

Develops hand-eye coordination

suggested-age :

3-5 Years, 5-8 Years

Recommended Age :