Frequently Asked Questions:
It is an online rental library of educational toys and books for children of age group 0-12 years.

Toys that stimulate child’s mind, engage him for long hours, spark his imagination and broaden his
Outlook is an educational toy.

Renting a toy rather than buying one has many advantages:

  • Save Time and Travel: Book online and get free home delivery and pick-up!
  • Variety of toys and books: Develop or enhance new skills of your child with our large collection of multiple intelligence based educational toys and books
  • Save Money: Introduce best of the toys and books to your child at a fraction of the money as compared to buying!
  • Age appropriate classification: we help you provide your kid the right toy at right age.
  • Save Space: Make your house clutter-free from storing the outgrown toys. Simply rent the toys form library, play and return them.
  • Try before u buy: Before buying an expensive toy for long term use; you can rent and see if your kid really likes the toy or not!
  • Invaluable lesson: Instill value for money and virtues of sharing in child by not buying new toys rather reusing toys from library.
  • Environment friendly reuse of toys is a greater way of making kids learn the importance of recycling

All the toys are chosen carefully and adhere to high quality and safety standards. They are extremely child friendly. The range of toys for infants is plenty and they are sanitized as per
international standards. If you want to inspect the toys, give us a call and you can come and visit us.

Option 1: Online Click on ‘BECOME A MEMBER’. After filling up the registration form, choose the most suitable membership plan. You can make the payment either by NEFT (Online Transfer) or by COD (cash on
Option 2: Telephone Call us on 7095880077. We will create your account with membership plan of your choice. . You can make the payment either by NEFT (Online Transfer) or by COD (cash on delivery).
a) You can select the toys and books from our printed catalogue or
b) We will select the most age appropriate toys and books for you as per the area of interest of your child

Yes, of course. We have a 15 days trial plan customized for those who wish to try out our services before paying membership fees. If you select the trail plan, you need to pay only the usage fees for that month and the refundable deposit. You can pay the registration fees when you renew by selecting a regular plan after your 15 days of trial period is over.

We have the following categories of products:

  • Toys
  • Books
  • Games
  • Puzzles
  • Worksheets
  • Flashcards
  • Charts
  • CDs/DVDs

We are here to help you! You can call us on 7095880077 and we will help you select the most age appropriate toys/ books for your child as per his/ her interest.

Login to your account with your username and password. Browse our product catalogue and click on ‘BORROW ITEM’ on the product page to add the product to BORROWLIST. You can add the number of products as per your chosen membership plan. Once the borrowlist is final, click on ‘CONFIRM THE LIST’. Then your order will be placed. Our delivery person will deliver it to your doorstep free of cost.

Login to your account and go to ‘Return Item’ tab under ‘My History’. Check the products that you wish to return and click on ‘RETURN’. Our delivery person will come and collect the toys you requested for return.

If the toy your child wishes to play with is out in circulation, you can add that toy in your Wishlist. As soon as that toy is back in stock, you will be notified by an email. Then you can login and borrow that toy.

Appu box is the easiest way of enjoying our service. It makes your life easier and simpler. It is delivered to you every week. Browse through our wide variety of products catalogue and add chosen products to a wishlist. You can make a list of 10 toys and 10 books/ puzzles as per your priority at the beginning of every month. We will choose the first available toy and book/puzzle for you every week and deliver at your convenience. This way you can save the time and spend that with your child.. Just a few minutes at the beginning of every month, and you are free for the rest of the month.

Yes. You can rent toys specifically for parties even without being a member of the library. Contact us at info@appuworld.com or call us at 7095880077 and we will customize the plans for you as per your requirements.

We want to encourage good behavior in our member children and we strongly believe that positive reinforcement works better than negative reinforcement. So, instead of you standing guard over the library toys all the time, we want you to tell your kids that for every product that they return in perfect condition, we will credit “Reward Points” into their account. Once they have collected a substantial sum, they can choose to reimburse it for any product of their liking (except books) from our Library.

Gift cards can be purchased online or by emailing or calling us. The gift vouchers come in three denominations for your convenience. They can be printed or emailed to the recipient or we will provide you a gift voucher card that you can personally gift.

We have taken utmost care in selecting the best quality toys for our library. However in the unlikely event of any damage, we try to repair it and charge only the cost of repair to the member. In case it cannot be repaired then we charge you the depreciated cost of that toy ranging between 20% to 60% less than MRP.