About Us

Welcome to AppuWorld.com, The world of Toys and Books for your kids!


The appuworld has emerged from the self realization of us as parents. During the initial growing years of our son we kept a close watch on his overall development and also tracked his interest and liking before buying new toy or books.

Though we were buying toys & books for him almost every second month, we often noticed that either he was outgrowing them faster or he wasn’t playing with the same toys more than a week or two. Moreover, it was getting challenging task to store and stack all these ‘not-needed’ toys over the period. And financially also it wasn’t a wise option to buy all possible toys and books varieties available in the market.

That’s where we realized that no matter how hard we try and how much we love our children, it’s financially unfeasible and practically impossible to make the most and the best possible toys & books available for our children in weekly or fortnightly basis and that too without facing storage issue. At that time we strongly felt a need of the system which would overcome all these issues and would provide unlimited fun for our children when it comes to toys and books. And that’s where an inception of AppuWorld.com came into existence. The solution to a common problem every parent is facing!!